The Basics Of The Small Overhead Crane

The Basics Of The Small Overhead Crane

If you work in construction or manufacturing, you will need to become familiar with the small overhead crane. This crane can lift heavy loads and is an essential piece of manufacturing equipment. There are many types of small overhead cranes, including single and double girder cranes. Read on to learn more about small cranes and what to look for when you buy one.

Small cranes can’t lift loads that are as large as the bigger cranes. They typically on carry up to 5 tons. You can buy the crane to match the maximum amount of weight you are going to be lifting. The 1 ton crane is compact and it is also portable which makes it very useful. You can take it apart easily and transport it to different job locations. One ton cranes are typically single girder and you can find them in factories, warehouses and even storerooms. They are perfectly suited for unloading, lifting and transporting materials. These cranes are cost effective and they are safe.


The 3 ton small overhead crane is compact and it is strong. It can handle a heavier load than the one ton crane, yet it is still small and easy to transport. The three ton crane is available in both single and double girder styles. It can be operate through ground controls or cabin controls and is equipped with multiple safety features to make the crane more safe.

The five ton crane can carry the most weight out of all the small cranes. It is light and compact and works well for any type of lifting work. It is used with an electric hoist that runs along the track. You can buy the crane in both a single and double girder type and the crane is very easy to move.


When you are shopping for small overhead cranes you want to look for some certain features. Make sure the crane has overheating protection which will protect the motor in case the crane overheats. You also want to make sure the crane has lifting travel protection which will help prevent tipping if the load is too heavy. Emergency stop protection and overload protection will also help protect the crane and your workers from accidents.

Look for a crane that is built well and make sure you know the specifications you are going to need before you buy the crane. You need to know how much weight you plan to lift and it also helps to know if you are going to be keeping the crane stationary or moving it around frequently. You don’t want to end up buying a crane that doesn’t have all the features you need or is going to be to light to lift your loads. The small overhead crane is an essential piece of equipment and you are going to need one if you work in manufacturing. Make sure you do the research so you know the right crane you need to buy. Get one on

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