The Advantages of a Cordless Portable Rebar Cutter

The Advantages of a Cordless Portable Rebar Cutter

portable rebar cutter

If you are going to be cutting rebar, then you should use a battery powered portable rebar cutter.

Not only do you have the advantage of portability, meaning that you do not have to be hunting around all of the time for an electrical outlet, you will be able to concentrate on the job more fully.

RC16 portable rebar cutter

Typical cutters will cut a 4 to 16mm rebar in about 5 seconds with no problem, and you should be able to get through around 100 cuts on a 12mm rebar before you have to recharge the unit. That is why more than one cutter is suggested if you have a big job to do, because as you are cutting, you can have a few more over in the charging stage.

Since most of the jobs that require the use of such a tool do not exist in the shop, but out in the field, a cordless cutter that is portable is the way to go. Besides the length of the rebar can be quite long, up to 10 feet or more. You don’t want to have to be lugging such lengths of metal rebar into a shop when you can just do the cutting out in the yard.

RC20 portable rebar cutter

There are always issues when using a power cord on a tool like a cutter where power cords are accidentally severed while using the cutter, and of course when you use a cordless tool, that is never a problem. Ellsen is a prominent portable rebar cutters manufacturer which offers best quality portable rebar cutters, and you can click here to know more detail!

Most cordless portable bar cutters are powered by a lithium-ion battery which gives you the best energy-to-weight ration in the business, and the loss in charging when the unit is not in use is negligible. All of this means that more jobs can be done with less charging time, and that is a very good attribute to be aware of. This benefits both the worker and the customer.

It is also a known fact that cordless products are much safer than those that have power chords, as with the cordless portables, there is no power cord to cut, thus eliminating any electrical hazard.

electric steel bar cutter part

If you are working at cutting rebar, you certainly do not want to be worrying about lugging rebar to a worksite inside your shop, as there may not be room, and you don’t want to have to worry about tripping over a power chord or somehow cutting it with your cutter, so the advantages are very obvious.

In the days gone by, these types of tools were very large, bulky and heavy. Plus the fact that they could only be utilized for very short periods of time. With the newer models the battery life is much longer, and the amount of sparks and debris that is thrown off when cutting is very minimal indeed. So there is no fire hazard to speak of and the operation of your work is very fast and simple, which allows for more efficiency and more output in your work to efficiently get done. Click here and you can know more efficient cutters.

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