Some Facts About The Waste Oil Distillation Plant

Some Facts About The Waste Oil Distillation Plant

The increasing use of plastic and rubber products all over the world cause large quantity of their waste, before and after use. The amount of waste plastic and rubber will go on increase if it is not recycled or modified to make some useful products. After researching for many years the scientists have invented waste oil distillation plants or pyrolysis plants to recycle waste rubber and plastic products like tires as well as waste crude oils etc. To provide high quality fuel oil as well as other by-products that can be used as raw materials in various other industries. Some facts about the waste oil distillation plant are provided in this write-up for you to know more in this respect.

Highly profitable and low cost green technique is one of the facts about the waste oil distillation plant used these days for getting rid of the increasing heap of the waste rubber, plastic and waste crude oil at the industries and other commercial areas. It distills the waste rubber and plastic products and oils like recycled engine oils, oil sludge and spilled oil at oil fields and refineries etc. to produce highly useful fuel oils like gasoline and diesel along with other by-products.

converting tires to oil plant
converting tires to oil plant

Another fact about the waste oil distillation plants used these days for tires recycling plant and plastic recycling and oils is that they consume nearly 30% less fuel than their earlier models to give almost 5% more output and keep the environment 100% safe from the hazards created by those waste materials.

The oil distillation or pyrolysis plants used for recycling plastic and rubber wastes can also be used for refining waste oils collected from spills at the oil fields, crude oil, slag oil, recycled machine and motor oils etc. For this reason these plants are also known as waste oil to fuel oil machines or engine oil recycle equipment etc.

waste oil distillation plant
waste oil distillation plant

Advantages of waste oil distillation plant

High yield of oils produced is also among some facts about the waste oil distillation plant as 90% of the waste materials recycled can be converted into useful products including fuel oil and other by-products.

These plants usually work efficiently without chocking and deterioration.

They can be operated all through the day without any problem with the help of their slag discharging and auto feeding equipment.

These plants use devices and techniques that can protect environment without polluting water, air and soil.

The fuel products produced by these plants can be used as replacement for natural gas and petroleum products.

Technical features of oil distillation plant

Most of the waste oil distillation plants are equipped with the environment protection equipment like dust collecting room and waste gas burner.

Simple chemicals are used to eliminate odd smell and colour from the final products.

They can help in resolving the issues of decreasing resources of fuel oils by recycling waste plastic, rubber and crude oils.

The hot air technology used for heating these plants can help in increasing the efficiency of the plant along with guaranteeing its safety.

Thus by considering some facts about the waste oil distillation plant you can know more about its benefits. Or you can click here: to get more details.

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