My Husband And I Went On A 2 Seat Human Gyroscope Ride And Loved It

My Husband And I Went On A 2 Seat Human Gyroscope Ride And Loved It

My husband and I went to an amusement park this past summer. We hadn’t been to an amusement park with each other before. The one that we chose to go to was one that we both visited when we were kids. We remembered going there with our families and having a great time. We thought it would be something fun and interesting for us to do together, especially since we both love amusement parks.

We looked at our schedules and found a weekend that we didn’t have anything else planned. We decided we would go that weekend. Before we went we wanted to look and see what rides they had now. There were a few rides that were there when we were kids, but there were lots of new rides too. There was also a water park that was added to the amusement park.

We found a few rides that we knew we wanted to ride. One of them was a recently added roller coaster. It looked like it would be such a great time. There was also a picture of another ride for 2 people. I started reading more about it and it was called a human gyroscope ride. I thought it looked like fun and watched a video of it. I told my husband it definitely looks like an interesting ride and one that I want to ride while I’m there. He agreed and said it looked like a lot of fun to ride.

2 person human gyro ride

We couldn’t wait to go to the amusement park and the weekend was quickly approaching. We decided that we weren’t going to pack our lunch to go and that we would just eat there. Originally, we were going to try to save some money by taking our own food, but decided against it when we saw the food options there.

The day came and we left for our amusement park trip. It didn’t take long to get there and we could remember the drive from when we were kids. When we first got there, we started riding rides. First we went on the roller coaster and it was a great ride. The human gyroscope ride was right beside of the roller coaster, but the line was a little long for it. We decided that it didn’t matter how long the line was, we wanted to ride it. We really didn’t end up waiting that long to ride it. We watched others ride it and it was truly interesting to watch. We couldn’t wait to ride it. We finally got our turn to take a ride together and it was lots of fun. It was definitely interesting and the highlight of all the rides we rode that day. That is one of the newer rides that wasn’t there when we were kids and I really haven’t seen any of these at any other amusement parks I have been to in my life. If you want to get more, just click

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