Learn about Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil

Learn about Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil

Plastic waste recycling machine gives a great way of converting waste plastics into pyrolysis oil, hydrocarbon gas, and carbon black. There are different models of plastic to oil conversion machine for sale available. BLJ-06 and BLJ-10 models are classified as batch operating systems. BLL-16 is classified as a semi-continuous system while BLL-30, BLL-40, and BLL-50 are fully-continuous systems. Continuous waste plastic systems are designed to offer high efficiency and to save cost. It can handle as high 50 tons of waste plastics per day.

Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil
Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil

Differences between the different pyrolysis plants:

There are different methods of recycling waste plastics using to achieve different profits. The plastic pyrolysis plants use the latest pyrolysis technology and are made to convert waste plastics into carbon black, combustible gas and fuel oil. All the machine to convert plastic into oil for sale satisfy the needs of consumers and are available in different models of different prices. Here are the differences between the different models of plastic pyrolysis plants:

i. Batch pyrolysis plant: It is the most affordable pyrolysis in the market. However, it has a lower working speed and requires more labor to operate.

ii. Semi-continuous pyrolysis plant: it operates faster as compared to the batch pyrolysis plant and cost less that the continuous one.

iii. Continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant: if you need a large-scale pyrolysis plant for a waste plastic and you have enough money, this is the right pyrolysis plant for you. Due to its high automation degree, the labor cost is low, and continuous pyrolysis plants work faster as compared to the rest.

plastic to oil conversion machine for sale
Plastic to oil conversion machine for sale

There are also plastic granules machines that aim at converting plastic granules that can be used to make other plastic products. The plant can help to dispose of various kinds of plastics such as PE, PP, PS, PA, ABS, PC, PVC, EVA, POM, PET, LCP, PMMA and others. Get a machine to convert plastic into oil to start recycling the plastic waste. The pyrolysis plants can be exported to any country. You just need to make an order and the pyrolysis plant will be delivered to you.

Benefits of Plastic Recycling Machines for Sale:

The plastic recycling systems offer a great way of environmental pollution and solving the energy crisis. It is a new way of converting waste into useful resources. Plastics play a very critical role in life and make our life more convenient. However, plastic waste is hard to decompose and can cause serious pollution problem in the environment. Moreover, they pose a high threat to human life, which makes it very critical to recycle waste plastic to oil plant for sale, are now available in the market to help recycle plastics.


There are various machine to convert plastic waste into oil in the market. If you are looking to for a great pyrolysis plant that can handle a large amount of plastic waste, we recommend continuous plant. Continuous pyrolysis plants are more automated and more economical as compared to others. Check for the best pyrolysis plants online and choose the best recycling plant that you can afford and effective in terms of cost.

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