Key Points of Purchasing Concrete Batching Plant

Key Points of Purchasing Concrete Batching Plant

1. The performance label of the concrete used in the construction sites. According to the factor, users can choose the mixing console for the  batching plants. For example, the concrete batching plant used in the water conservancy must choose the compulsory concrete mixer. In addition, according to the concrete materials, users can choose the batching station and storage bin.

2. The amount and schedule of the concrete used in the construction. According to the two parameters, users can choose the specifications of the concrete batching plant. When choosing the concrete mixing plant, users also should take the transportation condition of the mixed concrete into consideration, such as direct pumping or vehicle delivery. And the volume of the delivery vehicle is an important factor that decides the model of concrete mixing plant.batch plant

3. Construction environment and construction objects. In the process of purchasing the batch plant, users should fully consider the influence of construction environment and construction objects, which can guarantee the smooth construction and the construction quality. In the construction sites, if the pouring amount of the concrete one time is big, the concrete quality is high, and there is no concrete batching plant near the construction sites, users had better choose two concrete batching plants with small specifications or the concrete mixing plant with double mixing consoles.

4. If the transportation of the construction sites is not very good and it takes a lot of time to pass in and out the construction sites, the small specification concrete mixing plant with two mixing consoles is better or users can prepare for enough accessories to guarantee the smooth construction.

5. If the construction sites are not concentrated, the distance between the construction sites is not too far away and the delivery semi-diameter of the concrete mixer truck does not exceed half an hour’s drive, it is necessary to adopt the centralized mixing, which can improve the coefficient of utilization of concrete batching plant and the economic benefits of the construction .

6. The quality of the operating personnel. As the structure of the small concrete batching plant is relatively simple and the control system of the small concrete mixing plant is simple, the small concrete mixing plant has lower requirements on the operating personnel. But, as for the large concrete mixing plant, the structure is complex and the automation degree is high, so the requirements on the operating personnel of concrete mixing plant is high.

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