How To Choose The Right Portable Rebar Bender For Your Construction Work

How To Choose The Right Portable Rebar Bender For Your Construction Work

Most people in the construction industry have used the many different rebar bending machines. They are very popular items. They are necessary when you are configuring the rebar into specific angles that will be used when you are laying down foundations. Any use of rebar in concrete will require the formation of that rebar in both angle and length. There is often quite a bit left over, and this simply means that either recycle that material, or get a machine that will allow you to straighten everything out. The following tips will show you how to choose the best portable rebar render that you can use at your construction site.


Why Would You Need A Portable One?

A question that many people have is why would you actually need to have a portable rebar bending machine if you already have one of the larger bar devices accessible. What most people do not understand is that sometimes construction workers are dispatched to certain areas to complete projects where they will not have access to a larger rebar bending. They would have to cut all of the pieces prior to leaving for that location, but most of the time, those measurements cannot be taken until they arrive. By providing them with a portable rebar bending machine, they are able to measure, cut the rebar, and get everything into place.

Are They More Expensive Than A Regular Rebar Bending Machine?

These devices are less expensive than traditional rebar bending machines because they are smaller, and also do not have the power. They are also not automated like many of them are where you can simply set and forget them, allowing the machine to cut everything for you. Instead, you will have to put the rebar in, and holding a handle and a trigger, simply activate the device. Although it only takes about two or three seconds to cut through the metal, it will allow you to get as much of this done as you can at a location where you are working remotely.

How Soon Can You Get One Of These after They Are Ordered?

The speed at which you are able to get it will depend upon where you order it from. If you want something brand-new, ordered from overseas, it may take a few weeks to get to you. You might be able to find distributors that are marketing overseas products, and that is more likely than finding the larger rebar bending devices. The other possibility is getting a used one which you might be able to find in the local paper. However, these might give out much earlier than they should and you would essentially be wasting your money. If possible, order a brand-new rebar vendor that is portable and you will be better off in the long run.


These portable rebar bender’s are most certainly beneficial for everyone that is in the construction industry. There is always going to be a time where you will not have the proper length of the rebar that you need, and you can easily cut one per the measurements that you have. Once you have used it a few times, it will only take you a few seconds to load it up and make the cut. It’s a great device to have, one that should be part of all of the tools that you have in your construction business.

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