Fun In The Sun – Water Pool Bumper Boats

Fun In The Sun – Water Pool Bumper Boats

For families that have always enjoyed the classic bumper car rides at funfairs across the country there is another attraction that offers the same thrilling experience – but with the added element of being able to have a great day out including bumper car fun – but this time on water.

There are a wide variety of different styles of water pool bumper boats for sale and each is suitable for different environments.

amusement park water bumper boats

The water pool bumper boats sell manufacturer can be found at amusement parks, family fun centers, carnivals and even malls. The inclusion of water pool bumper cars as attractions at malls is a recent innovation which has been made possible by new development sin materials that allow the attraction to be portable. In part the portability is due to the fact that the pools used at malls are inflatable, as are the water pool bumper boats that are used in these attractions.

The traditional water pool bumper boats are usually found as permanent attractions at theme parks where they enjoy huge popularity. At their simplest water pool bumper boats are found is a medium sized pool or water enclosure. Most of these types of versions seat either one of two people. However there are enormous versions of water pool bumper boats in larger amusement parks that can seat up to eight people at the same time. These types of bumper boats are usually unpowered and rely on the force of the water to carry them along the entire distance of the ride. During these sorts of rides the participants bounce off other riding parties and the walls of the attraction.

inflatable water bumper boats for kids

The traditional types of bumper boats are under the control of those seated in them. They can then choose to bump and bounce off the other participants taking part in the activity and enjoy some good clean (albeit wet) fun. The rides are completely safe and by and large the pools themselves are not extremely deep – trained supervisors also add another level of safety to most of these rides.

The water bumper boats used come in three main varieties. There are petrol driven versions, versions that are powered y electric motors and even pedal powered versions for a more leisurely experience.

kiddie bumper boats

To make the experience even more fun for the participants many of the boats are equipped with giant powered water cannons. Although these aren’t powerful enough to present any danger of injury that let the younger members of the family (as well as mom and dad) really get into the spirit of things.

For entrepreneurs water pool bumper boats like present an excellent opportunity to earn a living. The portable pools and bumper boat varieties need very little training to manage and the fact that they are easy to transport means that there is virtually unlimited opportunity to set the attraction up in a variety of settings.

Fir the family in search of a great day out – especially in places where the summers are hot there are few attractions that offer more opportunity to just get out there and have fun with the water pool bumper boats in

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