Why We Need Bumper Cars?

Why We Need Bumper Cars?

Bumper car is a wonderful attraction which had over 90 years history. It became very popular when it was invented by  Max and Harold Stoehrer. Then, it had great influence on the whole society.

The first bumper car(dodgem) used a conductive ceiling and a conductive floor as its polarities. A long tail attached the rear of bumper car body contacts the two polarities as a wire. When it moved, there shined sparks around the point which contacted the wire and the ceiling.

After the ceiling grid bumper car, there appeared ground/floor grid bumper car and the battery powered bumper car. These two kinds of bumper cars are easier to own because they have low requirement for the ceilings. Especially for the battery bumper car, it have no need for the fixed faculties and it can run onto almost all kinds of surfaces.

Bumper cars are really great amusement rides for all kinds of people. If you are old, playing bumper cars can help you recall your memories of young, if you are young, you can have an exciting experience with your friends during driving bumper cars.

By the way, if you are a business owner or wanna be a business owner for the amusement rides business, bumper cars are absolutely necessary. It is a high return item which can recover your investment very fast. So, consider this if you want to do something.

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