A Closer Look at the Wide Applications of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

A Closer Look at the Wide Applications of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Paper egg tray is considered the most effective and safe way of packaging eggs. They are made from recycled materials with the help of automatic egg tray machine. With wide applications of eggs trays, automatic paper tray making machine has gained a lot of popularity in many parts of the world.


Automatic eggs tray machine utilizes advanced technologies to come up with a fully automatic production process. The paper tray making machine features unique features such as automatic egg dryer that help dry semi-finished wet eggs tray automatically. The machine is every fast and can produce as many egg trays as 5000 pcs, 6000 pcs, 7000 pcs, 7500 pcs in just one hour. The Egg-tray Making Machine is designed to produce eggs trays that can protect eggs from different elements that include moisture loss, micro-organisms, deterioration from high temperature, and mechanical shocks during transportation and storage.

Different parts of the Automatic Egg-Tray making machine and their applications:

The Pulper System:

This is the input system where recycled paper such as newsprints and corrugated carton are input. This system beat and smashes the waste papers into pulp consistency. The resulting pulp from the pulper is then passing them into the adjusting tank where they are adjusted into ready pulp consistency.

Forming part:

This is the part of the system where the trays are formed. It features forming tools, transfer tools and wire mesh. Wet products are used with the help of vacuum system to form the trays. Then the wet, formed trays are transferred using transfer tools with the help of compressed air effects.

Various molds can be used here depending on the exact kind of packaging tools you need. You can use a mold that produces egg trays, egg box, bottle trays, shoe support, and fruit trays, etc.  We also have apple tray making machine. Automatic egg tray machines are more convenient as compared with the manual ones. After the mold forming process, the wet trays are transferred directly into the drying line using automatic conveyor belt.


Dryers help to dry the wet formed egg-trays. Different models of Automatic Egg Tray Machines feature either single-layer or multi-layer dryers. The dryers are made of bricks and metal drying lines. Wet formed trays are made to pass through the dryer tunnel where they are dried. Dryers feature automatic system that helps to count and stack the trays at the end of the dryer.

Advantages of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

It is easy to operate and has high productivity

It features Automatic Egg-tray Drying lines that make drying work easier through automation

The machine is environmentally friendly as it makes waste papers into useful products


Automatic Egg Tray Machine use either diesel or natural gas fuel. They are popular known as the rotary egg tray making machine because it is a rotary running machine. They are a powerful machine when it comes to egg-trays making and can be customized to meet your needs. It is a great commercial machine that can earn you a lot of money.

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